Pure Income Protection for the Self Employed

Welcome to dg mutual, specialist providers of Pure Income Protection insurance to the self-employed and professional business people.

Watch the video and find out why our clients have trusted us since 1927!

If you’re self-employed you can avoid hardship when you’re unable to work if your income is protected by specialist insurance. If you’re covered by our policy it generates an income until you’re back at work or in the case of long term conditions up until the retirement age of 65, whichever comes first.

We are a trusted specialist insurance provider. Since 1927, for more than 80 years, DG Mutual has been one of the pioneers of insurance policies that pay out if you suffer ill health or an accident. As a mutual society, our policy holders become members and can expect an attentive level of service. We’re proud to have one of the highest pay out rates in this specialist field with more than 98% of claims paid for a wide range of conditions, whether physical or psychological.

If you’re self-employed you must rely on your own resources when you face hardship through sickness. Every day being incapacitated, for whatever reason, means lost income. The range of insurance alternatives has never been greater yet only one provides an ongoing income for the widest possible range of conditions: income protection insurance.

Pure Income Protection Insurance offers particularly good value relative to the pay-out rate and the wide ranging conditions covered. When selecting a policy you’re in control. You choose the level of income required and based on your age and the level of cover, you pay a monthly fee.

Anyone from the age of 16 to 55 may apply for cover of up to 66% of pre-tax income. Reassuringly multiple claims can be made with no loss of cover. Alternative policy structures are available – you choose the cover for your needs. Benefit can be paid from Day 1 of illness or injury or after your chosen deferred period. Even business professionals receiving some sick pay from an employer, find there is an income protection option for them.

Pure Income Protection is available direct from dg mutual. A No Obligation Quote is available, using the form provided.


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